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"I don’t be tryin to be lyrical"

-  [French Montana]  yes.. we can tell. 

Fear of God II: Let us pray

Rollingstone lets you take a listen to the Fear of God II: Let Us Pray. For fans Pusha-T, this will be many songs that you may have heard either on the fear of god or floating around on the net.

"Everything that Glitters" features French Montana on the chorus which lends more fuel to the fire that French may be the next to sign with G.O.O.D. Music. The must listen songs for this mix tape are:

These three songs give you the best picture of what you can expect from Pusha-T from song to song. “Trouble on my mind” gets a strong assist from the up-and-coming Tyler the Creator. Tyler brings out of this world lyrics yet sticks to what the chorus suggests.  Pusha clearly understand what his lane in this rap game is by the following quote:

Who else could put hipsters with Fellons & Thugs and paint a perfect picture of what sellin it does?